Mary Stuart (2020)

Sep 5th to 12th 2020

Written by Friedrich Schiller adapted by Peter Oswald

Directed by Hugh Sorrill

Mary Stuart, one of the great classics of European theatre, depicts the last days of Mary Queen of Scots. Mary Stuart is imprisoned in England for the murder of her husband Darnley but more importantly for her claim to the English throne, which at that time was held by her cousin Queen Elizabeth I. The play imagines a meeting between the two rivals and explores the possible conversation between Elizabeth, the cold-hearted politically driven Queen, who will do anything to hold onto her throne and Mary Stuart, the figurehead for Catholic revolutionaries conspiring to overthrow the virgin Queen. Schiller's Mary redeems her youthful crimes through an ordeal that lifts her into realms of spiritual serenity, while Elizabeth descends deeper into rage, revenge and deception. The meeting never really happened but Goethe claimed 'It will be good to see those whores alongside each other.'  

Oswald has written this striking new version in a mixture of prose and poetry making for exciting viewing. 


Reviews of the play

"I came out of this exhilarating production marvelling... at Schiller's ability to mix private and public worlds and his profound understanding of realpolitik. What you get from this production is not some obscure history lesson but a fast-moving narrative about the imprisoning effect of power." Michael Billington, The Guardian.

"at once thoroughly zeitgeisty and a little subversive." Tony Adler, Chicago Reader.

"A pacy production of a 200-year-old play is without a single weak link" Fiona Rae, Noted.


Casting Information

3 F, 7 M, 3 F/M 

Mary Stuart - F - 30s/40s
Queen Elizabeth - F - 40s
These are both substantial roles
Dudley - M - 30s ish
Talbot - M - 60s/70s
Burleigh - M - 50s/60s
Davison - M - 30s-50s
Paulet - M - 40s onward
Mortimer - M - 20s
Ausbespine - M/F - 30s onward
Bellievre - M/F - 30s onward
O’Kelly - M/F - 20s-40s
Melvil - M - 50s onward
Kennedy - F - 40s onward
Open Reading
Date to be confirmed.
This is an opportunity for anyone to come along and find out about the play-whether this be because you are interested in auditioning or being involved in the crew or just to enjoy reading a play aloud. All welcome. 
Date to be confirmed.
Auditions will take place on at the Theatre. Please contact the Director Hugh Sorrill through the email address to register your interest and find out about the audition process.