Holes (2019)


Aug 31st to Sep 7th 2019

Written by Tom Basden

Directed by Anne-marie Greene

Flight BA043 has crashed on an island. Stranded, four survivors wait. Gus, Marie and Ian are colleagues who were on their way to a conference, whilst the other is a lone teenage girl, Erin. Surely somebody will find them. Planes don't just disappear, do they? After trying to send out a Mayday message through the radio, they are stunned to discover that a nuclear catastrophe has wiped out the entire civilised world. So, if no one's coming... what do they do now?

Tom Basden's play Holes is an apocalyptic comedy in which four survivors of a plane crash realise they may be all that's left of the human race. It's absurd, hilarious and fast-paced. The playwright is one of the sharpest observers of politics and society around and is responsible for some of British TV’s most acclaimed recent comedies including ‘Peep Show’, ‘Fresh Meat’, ‘Plebs’ and ‘The Wrong Mans’.

It is directed by Anne-marie Greene (Mindgame, Let the Right One In, I Am Shakespeare).


Press Comment

'Lost ‘ meets ‘Lord of the Flies’ ... quick, sarcastic and agreeably grisly'.  The Times

‘ . . . fast-paced and relentlessly funny'. A Younger Theatre