A Steady Rain (2017)

Another UK Amateur Première

Sep 2nd to 9th 2017

Written by Keith Huff

Directed by Richard Warren

Two Chicago cops are called out to a domestic disturbance. Best friends since childhood, they are practically family: Joey helps out with Denny’s wife and kids; Denny keeps Joey away from the bottle.

They’re partners. They look out for each other. But, when things go bad on a rainy night on the wrong side of Chicago, a lot more that friendship is put on the line. As they tell their versions of what happened, inconsistencies appear. Who’s lying? And why? Who’s protecting who? And why?

At a taut, suspenseful 90 minutes, “A Steady Rain” is a thrilling two-hander, with brilliant parts for two strong actors which was played on Broadway in 2009 by Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig.

Full of dark mystery and razor-wire dialogue, it’s a powerful adult play for fans of gritty, no-holds-barred modern crime fiction (think Dennis Lehane or George Pelecanos, both of whom wrote for the TV series “The Wire”).

Press comment

“With one eye zeroing in on neo-noir crime drama and the other targeting the emotional complexities of male friendships… A Steady Rain hits its dramatic targets with point-blank precision” Chicago Free Press


A Steady Rain turns out to be less like the perpetual drizzle of its title and more like a snowball that builds to an avalanche… genuine dramatic power and a sense of true tragedy” Variety


“An exceptionally rich, gritty and emotional drama… it will get you right where you live” Chicago Tribune 


For more information about the production please contact the director on 02476 415036.