Foxfinder (2013)

Chillingly atmospheric and unsettling, this is a bold and haunting tale of human desire

Sep 7th to 14th 2013

Written by Dawn King

Directed by Deb Relton-Elves

William Bloor, a 'foxfinder', arrives at Sam and Judith Covey's farm to investigate a suspected contamination. He is driven by his education and beliefs to unearth and destroy an animal that threatens man's civilisation, and to remain free from its influence himself. As his investigations proceed, the events that follow change the course of all their lives - for ever. A gripping and unsettling adult parable, Foxfinder is darkly comic exploration of belief, desire and responsibility, set in a world both strange and familiar. Deb Relton-Elves is making her directorial debut with this fascinating modern play. Winner of the 2011 Papatango playwriting competition and nominated for the 2013 James Tait Black Prize for Drama.