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Talking Heads (2013)

Feb 2nd to 9th 2013

Written by Alan Bennett

Directed by Bill Butler

Performances from February 2nd to 9th 2013, directed by Bill Butler.

Three monologues from the enormously successful series each in its own way reflecting Alan Bennett’s marvellously observant view of the British way of life. They are touching and real, and very funny.

Christine Ingall plays Irene in "A Lady of Letters" Miss Ruddock writes letters — not, unfortunately, social communications filled with harmless news, but letters of complaint, comment and, occasionally, officious praise to various businesses and government departments. After one too many accusations of misconduct from Irene's pen she is brought to book with surprising results.

Cathryn Bowler plays Susan in "A Bed Among the Lentils" Susan is a failure when it comes to jam-making and flower-arranging and isn't at all sure about God; how unfortunate for her that she is married to Geoffrey, a popular and respected vicar who treats her in an intensely patronizing manner and expects her to conform to her role as vicar's wife.

Annie Woodward plays Doris in "A Cream Cracker under the Settee" Doris, a widow, lives alone. Refusing to relinquish her independence, she surreptitiously cleans when her home help, Zulema, is absent. When we meet her, she has just fallen over whilst attempting to dust a picture frame high on the wall. The day goes on; unable to get help, Doris reminisces about her quiet, uneventful life with its joys and sadnesses.