The Criterion Theatre

WORKING WEEKENDS continue on Saturday August 5th & Sunday 6th. Your help is needed ! Can you spare a couple of hours? Click on this box for more details.

17th July

Dear Friends, 

Most of the year we are so busy working on one production after another (and then gratefully heading to the bar / coffee bar for refreshments afterwards) that we often neglect important repair and maintenance work around the theatre. Over the Summer we are tackling some of these jobs both inside the building and outside. If you can spare half a day – or even just a couple of hours – please sign up either by responding to this email address  / speaking to Tony Cuttiford, or by signing the list on the wall of the theatre foyer (opposite the bar), and letting us know when you will be able to help.

We have already made enormous progress in the first two weekends: the stage lights have been cleaned, serviced, tested and rehung; the bar and FOH areas have been thoroughly cleaned; the props shed has been emptied and repaired; the ground behind the theatre has been cleared; wardrobe has been fitted with new shelves, and a big clear out begun; painting and decorating has been going on in other areas. All this and more . . . and yet there is still more to be done if we are to achieve all our goals !

  1. For example:
  2. Finish clearing the side alley and covering the ground behind the theatre. 
  3. Painting the cast & crew  toilets / repairing the door.