The Criterion Theatre

The Art of the Set Designer Talk by Bob Morley

21st April from 19:30 to 22:00

In the Bar

The Art of the Set Designer -

We are delighted to announce that Bob Morley will be presenting a talk on the Art of Set Design on Friday 21st April at 7.30p.m.


For those who don't know him, Bob is a veteran member of the theatre.  In his time at the theatre he has been an actor and an extremely imaginative director. He is also a talented artist and set designer and has been responsible for many memorable set designs including 'The Herbal Bed' , 'David Copperfield' and the famous (or should that be infamous ?) shuddering set for 'The Ladykillers'. ( see image on right

Bob's talk will be based on his own experience, offering principles of design and practical methods of approach to meet the hopes and needs of directors, lighting and actors.  He will include guidance as to what is possible through building, set painting and dressing and how to negotiate the process from first concept to finished product.  Interspersed in his talk will be many anecdotes and practical tips from his many years of experience.

All are welcome and this is a must attend event for anyone interested in set design.

This is a free event and no booking is necessary