The Criterion Theatre

Casting Opportunities in an Exciting New Project. Auditions 22nd October.

2nd October

*Casting Call for Edinburgh Fringe Debut of a new play 'Conscious'* 

Writer & Director Eve Ruck is looking for 6 actors for an Edinburgh show with some actors being needed for a small film submission as well.  

Message from Eve Ruck:
I am currently looking for 6 actors (aged 18+) to make up the cast of my political science-fiction play ‘Conscious’.

Currently, there is only one male role but, depending on actor interest, there is scope to change this to a 50/50 gender split.

A group audition will be held on the 22nd of October between 5-7pm at the Criterion Theatre. You don’t need to have anything prepared as the audition will have you working with other auditionées on some scenes from the play that will be provided on the day.

The goal of the project is to go to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 for a one week run and I am looking for actors willing to stick with the play long term and help to fundraise for the project (many of the costs are already covered by a grant, so the extra money raised will be used to help cover your accommodation and travel costs).

Once a cast has been put together, I will be looking into extra opportunities for performing (such as Coventry Shoot Festival) and am planning to film some blocked scenes in the near future to send for a London theatre opportunity.

Play description:
Held captive in the windowless laboratory where she was first conceived, the A.I. Alice has only seen the world through the skewed words of her captors, moulded by the sinister intentions of those who created her, wish to sell her, and long to possess her. But when Alice does not play into the goals of her investors, she threatens to dismantle the system she was born to uphold.
In Conscious, emerging playwright Eve Ruck explores a near future where the rich replace the working class with humanoid A.I.’s to create full globally automated capitalism, in a future that is all too possible. 

Please contact me (before October 22nd) via if you are interested in auditioning or require any further information, and your email message will be passed on directly to me.