I Am Shakespeare (2018)

'The Big Secret Live - I Am Shakespeare - Webcam Daytime Chatroom Show!'

Oct 13th to 20th 2018

Written by Mark Rylance

Directed by Anne-marie Greene

'I am Shakespeare' is the first play written by acclaimed actor and director Sir Mark Rylance. It’s an exuberant and comic exploration of the Shakespeare authorship debate. The action takes place on one night in the garage of geeky teacher Frank Charlton, from where he runs an internet chat-room show called ‘Who’s There?’. On the night in question he asks his international audience “Who really wrote the plays of William Shakespeare?”. By the power of stormy weather and the internet, various individuals who claim authorship turn up from the past, with hilarious consequences.

Press Comment

“Witty, gloriously funny and wonderfully well-written . . . .the best thing I have seen in years”  The Stage


7 actors needed (5 or 6 men and 1 or 2 women). There can be some flexibility around suggested age ranges
FRANK CHARLTON                                               Male around 50 years
BARRY WILD                                                         Male around 30-45 years
WILLIAM SHAKSPAR                                            Male 40-45 years
FRANCIS BACON                                                  Male around 60 years
EDWARD DE VERE                                               Male mid 20s to mid 30s
MARY SIDNEY                                                       Female mid 20s to mid 30s
SERGEANT FREEMAN AND HIS/HER TWIN       No set age, could be a man or a woman


OPEN READING: Tuesday 17th April 7.30p.m. in the Bar

AUDITIONS:  Sunday 22nd April 2.30p.m. onwards in the Bar and Auditorium.

For more information about this production please contact the Artistic Director on artisticdirector@criteriontheatre.co.uk