The Mercy Seat (2014)

When thousands are missing, is it a good time to disappear?

May 28th to 31st 2014

Written by Neil la Bute

Directed by Richard Warren

The world has changed overnight. On September 12, 2001, Ben Harcourt find's himself in the New York downtown apartment of his lover and boss, Abby Prescott. His endlessly ringing mobile phone haunt's their conversation as Ben and Abby explore the choices now available to them in an existence different from the one they knew just the day before. Will Ben let his family know he's alive, or will he and Abby take this chance to create a new life for themselves? An acerbic and extremely well-written play which explores the subject of the need for and impossibility of total honesty in relationships, and the morality of being opportunistic and selfish in a time when others are suffering and acting selflessly. It keeps the audience guessing until the very end.