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Mindgame (2014)

Feb 1st to 8th 2014

Written by Anthony Horowitz

Directed by Anne-marie Greene

When Mark Styler, writer of true crime novels gets an interview with a notorious psychopathic serial killer, he believes he has snared the coup of his career. But when he arrives at the asylum, he finds nothing can be trusted. Through a maze of manipulations and memories, dark secrets are revealed. Why isn't the skeleton in the closet, and what is the nurse so afraid of? This is a roller coaster of a play by that master of mystery and suspense, Anthony Horowitz, creator of Foyle's War, Murder in Mind and the Alex Rider series of novels. In Mindgame, he puts our interest in deranged killers in the spotlight, asking what makes sadistic serial murderers different from the rest of us, and why are we at once repelled and fascinated by them? If you liked Sleuth or The Usual Suspects, you will love this.Starring Jon Elves, Craig Shelton and Jan Nightingale.