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Single Spies (2012)

A witty portrayal of two of the most intriguing double agents in British history, beautifully realised in this double bill.

Feb 4th to 11th 2012

Written by Alan Bennett

Directed by Jane Railton

Single Spies is a double bill comprising of two plays that are linked by similar themes. 'An Englishman Abroad' is based on the true story of a meeting in Moscow between Coral Browne (an actress and the wife of Vincent Price) and Guy Burgess, the notorious spy who worked for the Soviet Union as a member of the 'Cambridge Five' whilst with MI6. 'A Question of Attribution' is based on Anthony Blunt's role as another member of the Cambridge Five and as personal art advisor to the Queen. It portrays his interrogation by MI5 officers, his work researching and restoring art, and his relationship with Her Majesty. These plays are about real people, the roles are intriguing, the text subtle and pithy; the whole piece is masterfully crafted by Alan Bennett with his acute powers of observation, wit and understatement.