The Criterion Theatre

Award-Winning Play to Visit the Criterion: 'Goody' by Lucy Roslyn - July 27th/28th

11th May


“GOODY” by Lucy Roslyn: July 28th/29th 

Winner of the LET and Greenwich Partnership Award 2017 

We are delighted to welcome back former Criterion members Lucy Hunt and Jamie Firth this summer, for two performances of the new play they are taking to the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Lucy last appeared at the Criterion in 2014 with her debut play “The State vs John Hayes” which went on to perform in Edinburgh, Bath, Brighton and at the King's Head in London. 

Her new play “Goody” is set in 1930s dustbowl America. Backstage at a travelling circus, we discover the complicated and heartfelt relationship between one man and his performing chimpanzee. Marooned in the circus, in a land she does not comprehend, far from a life she barely remembers, Goody finds comfort with her oldest and only companion: her trainer Frances.  

Part of an interlinked series of plays set in the travelling circus, it's a striking, darkly funny exploration of performing apes and the humans who live with them, love them - and break them.

Directed by Jamie Firth, the show opens in Greenwich in July, and we are proud to host two previews on their way up to Edinburgh. 

Please note: this is a visiting professional production. All tickets are priced at £10, and Criterion membership discounts do not apply. When booking in advance, please note that all seating is unreserved; individual seats will be available on the night on a first come, first served basis.